Technical Specifications


Proscenium opening: 51' 9" W x 32' H
Stage overall: 83' 9" W x 39' 2" D x 40' H
Curtain line to back wall: 36' 4"
Spot light booth to Proscenium: 140'

Orchestra Pit

Elevator: 54' 9" W x 15' 11" D at center line, 9' 2" D at side edges.
Pit can be raised to extend the stage 15' 11" at center line.


Grid: Ribboned gridiron
Grid Height: 63' 2"
Counterweighted line sets: 16 dedicated; 37 free


3 Strong Super Trouper 2 kw Xenon
ETC ION 1000 Console
340 dimmer per circuit plus house
(9) ETC 63" Vivid LED Cye lights
(66) ETC Source Four Pars
(7) ETC Source Four Pars 5
(36) ETC Source Four Pars 10
(8) ETC Source Four Pars 19
(8) ETC Source Four Pars 26
(8) ETC Source Four Pars 36
(12) 6" Fresnels - 1 kw
(12) 8' Fresnels - 2 kw


(1) 200 amp three-phase cam-lok located downstage right, adjacent to counterweight locking rail.
(2) 400 amp three-phase lug tie-in located in basement (access to stage is through trap upstage right).
(1) 100 amp three-phase isolated lug tie-in located in basement


Yamaha Digital M7CL Console
A state of the art JBL 4889 Vertec Line Array system is flown from the down stage left and right sides of the proscenium, creating unobstructed viewing from all seat locations. The system will provide clear, undistorted audio reproduction in every seat in the house from lectures to high volume contemporary live music. Preferential equipment may need to be sub rented as circumstances dictate.

Loading Dock

The loading dock is located at the rear of the theatre at street level. Curb to door is 25'; door to stage is 31'. Dock and stage doors are 9' 9" W x 11' 6" H. The dock can accommodate one tractor-trailer at a time. Trucks awaiting unloading must park in an area west of Flint garage. All bus and truck logistics must be arranged with the Production Manager at least two weeks in advance.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms have restroom/shower facilities unless otherwise noted. All floors accessible by elevator.

  • 2 small star dressing rooms off stage, crossover hallway.
  • 1 principal dressing room 2nd floor SR. Sink only.
  • 2 chorus dressing rooms on 2nd and 3rd floor.
  • 2 small rooms (no facilities). One on 2nd floor, one on 3rd floor, available as multi-use or office.
  • Artist lounge and Green Room off SL crossover.


  • 2 washers and 2 dryers in laundry on third floor.
  • Work area and wash sink in crossover area on third floor.
  • Ironing boards, iron, and steamer available.

Note: Shows requiring extensive wardrobe facilities will use the chorus dressing rooms on third floor. All floors are accessible by elevator.

Visiting Company Offices and Telephones

Office space is available for visiting production and management. Office space and phone line arrangements must be made with the Flint Center production manager at least three weeks in advance. There is an additional charge of $100.00 per phone line.

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